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The Indian Healthcare Ecosystem is delivering world-class medical care/treatment across the healthcare spectrum ranging from Modern Medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga, and other Traditional Systems of Healthcare. It provides tertiary-quaternary care, treatment for serious chronic and non-communicable diseases, comprehensive rehabilitation across all major medical specialties such as cardiac care, orthopedics, neurosciences, oncology, and promotive health-revitalization, functional health, and therapeutic wellbeing.

Modern Treatments

Facilitator List

Connect and know about Medical Facilitators to provide you with the best possible consultations and treatments

Alshifa Healthcare Services Pvt Ltd
  • 56 Associated Hospitals
  • 55,000 Patients Served
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  • 89 Associated Hospitals
  • 55,000 Patients Served
EN FR arabic RU bangla
Shinon Healthcare
  • 47 Associated Hospitals
  • 50,000 Patients Served
EN FR arabic RU bangla
Vaidam Health Pvt. Ltd.
  • 0 Associated Hospitals
  • 50,000 Patients Served
FR arabic RU bangla
Digicore Technologies Private Limited
  • 81 Associated Hospitals
  • 15,500 Patients Served
EN bangla
Gomedii Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • 70 Associated Hospitals
  • 10,000 Patients Served
EN FR arabic RU bangla
  • 39 Associated Hospitals
  • 8,000 Patients Served
EN arabic RU
  • 34 Associated Hospitals
  • 5,928 Patients Served
EN arabic
Magnus Meditourism Private Limited
  • 121 Associated Hospitals
  • 3,000 Patients Served
EN FR arabic bangla
AAA+ HealthCare Consultancy
  • 6 Associated Hospitals
  • 2,586 Patients Served
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Advantages in India

Why should you choose India as the #1 destination for Medical Value Travel for yourself and for your loved ones

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    Trained Medical

    Indian Medical practitioners have high-quality medical training and are fluent in English

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    40 JCI and 1400+ NABH accredited hospitals available

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    Cost of treatment in India is 2-3 times lower compared to most geographies

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    Healthcare for all

    India offers Integrative Healthcare, a unique mix of Indian Systems of Medicine and Modern Medicine

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    Patients get immediate treatments with reduced waiting time

Advantage Healthcare India

India invites you and your loved ones who are in need of care, love, and compassionate healing

30,000+ Foreigners share their love and experience

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It's KYU XIAOQIN I come to India and made my new teeth and made me more beautiful and I want to thank Dr Rajeev Gupta and made me more beautiful . Environment is also very nice very clean so welcome...

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thank you bdc i had a very good experience here my teeth looks natural now staff is very nice & caring excellent customer service the overall treatment went smoothly i can say that it's the best dental centre in india...

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This is a geniune review for Balaji Dental Centre, I got my laminates from Dr Sonia Gupta and my complete smile makeover just amaze people & change my overall appearance. I am very satisfied from my treatment and recommend Balaji...

India is the melting pot of art, culture, cuisine, and architecture, offering a range of tourism opportunities to our medical value travellers & their attendants to combine medical treatment with visits to diverse tourism destinations across the length and breadth of the country

Explore different state tourism websites to learn more about India and its wide range of offerings

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